Willy Verginer

This Italian artist is nicknamed ‘The Picasso with the chainsaw’.

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Verginer works with live models. Most images are made from linden wood. The artworks are made from wood that is dried for years and of pieces of wood which are glued together so it becomes one strong whole. It also makes sure that there is a very low risk of bursting in later years.

The large block of wood is first edited with a chainsaw, so that the rough shape is visible. Then, step by step, he works with finer tools to edit the shape to the correct form. Finally, an acrylic paint is applied to bring an extra accent to the statue with colour. There are many motives on the image, which are often repeated in a series of artworks.  

Because the process of making the wooden statues is very time consuming, the number of artworks created by Verginer is small. His work is very popular particularly because of the quality and his recognisable style.

In the Netherlands, his work is exhibited in the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn.

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