Larissa Ambachtsheer

Visual Artist Larissa Ambachtsheer (1993), graduated in 2017 at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague.

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A consciousness about changes in the world began when Ambachtsheer was a WWF Ranger as a child, collecting money for the endangered animals and nature. She felt sorry for the poor animals that were slaughtered to feed our mouths.

Travelling is her passion and is a big part of her work. Through Ambachstheer's travels she discovered new rituals and cultures which differentiate from her Western point of view. It’s ‘The paint to her canvas’.

Nowadays, as a visual artist, she is interested in topics related to human behavior; consciousness, minimalistic lifestyle and sustainability. She observes what happens in daily life and transform that into her own reality which results in still lifes, fashion series or single images. With these, she answers the main question of how we try to control our lives related to topics that peak her interest such as food. 

Food is a subject matter that plays a special part in Ambachtsheer’s work. A crucial quote that characterizes her work is ‘My parents always told me not to play with my food. What if I do?’. One photographic series that specifically exemplifies this is  ‘You choose, I seduce’ where she amazes the viewer with her still lifes made up of fruits and vegetables. In the series she experiments with what role the colour of food plays, manipulating it to play with the food consumer. This resulted in the discovery that through playing with the colour of food she can either seduce or repulse the consumer, therefore misleading them.

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