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Clean, often oblique lines and smooth surfaces characterize Laurien Renckens’ work. An effective combination of light colours and pastels with fluorescent colours. As a result, your attention is instantly drawn, on a subconscious level, towards these abstract canvasses and panels. Like aesthetic, visual sirens.

We live in a world that is full of urgency: numerous crises, from the climate to the housing to the refugees’ crises. Because of the internet, we are incessantly informed about everything. Renckens’ work appeals impeccably to those emotions. Her research topic is: what colours and which combinations evoke this sense of urgency? Although urgency may come across as a heavy topic, Renckens’ work is positive and alluring, with bright colours and clean lines. Using as little as possible, she creates a strong image and pulls the spectator towards her, only to hit him with that one single question: what does urgency mean to you?

99 Telesmas

After her trip to Kenya in January 2023, Renckens created a new series of 99 works of art onpaper. It is an investigation into color and form constructed with spray paint and acrylic, inspired by the attitude of the Kenyans. In these works, Renckens examines which colors enhance each other and translates them into a form that radiates strength and authenticity; Telesmas, good luck charms.

A specially designed book of this Telesma series will be published in early 2024 by 99 uitgevers/publishers in collaboration with Project 2.0 / Gallery.
This includes all 99 works and their origins. When you purchase a Telesma work of art, you will receive the publication as a gift.


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