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For Eric Hirdes Painting is a never ending process, where a completed painting is the root of the next work. The starting point for an artwork arises by examining his previous work, discovering the possibilities of this piece. Little notes, scribbles, music and experiences in daily life further incentivize the creation or completion of a work of art.

He bases his artistic practice on how things and processes naturally come about. During the creative process he allows his materials free range, intuitively steering these elements in the sought after order. Hirdes capitalizes on accidental happenings that occur during  the production process. By letting go of control and allowing things to go wrong Hirdes creates a tense and uncertain environment that allows for the production of his work. You could say that his paintings are events that fuse the painterly thought, rapid movement, the physical act and the emotional momentum.

Hirdes’s paintings are comprised of abstract shapes, Lines and structures. They seduce you with their colour, texture, composition or narrative, but above all they carry an enigmatic factor that makes you want to look at it again and again. The eventual purpose of his works are not to tell a story but to create like a composer does a symphony, leaving room for subjective interpretation.


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