Wil Jansen

The paintings of Wil Jansen really stand out. Because of the technique used her artworks almost seem to be wall sculptures. She appears to mold with the paint. This results in beautifull abstract colour compositions. You could say the structures and lines dance in front of the spectator's eyes.

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In her oil paintings Jansen uses motives from nature to start an investigation into the fundamental properties of paint. She is looking for colour and form, rythm, regularity and structure in the very properties of painterly materials. This results in coloured areas with lines, dots, stripes, cracks and craters. This explicitly shows how the paint when applied in repetitive thick layers is essential to her style of painting. 

Jansens paintings are not an expression of emotions, nor are they the result of abstract visions. Key to her artistic practice are the fundemental properties of oil paint and her ability to experiment within this material. Through this process she fluidly applies layers of paint and therefore creates movements, forms and structures that seem to be endless.

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