Sylvestre Gauvrit

Sylvestre Gauvrit creates sculptures to generate good energy in your daily life, either in a public space or in an intimate atmosphere. Gauvrit often compares his work to classical music. To him the perception of abstract art is subtle, they represent movements and feelings, like a sonata, a menuetto or a symphony, they can be simple yet complex. He regards art as an open source of energy, and his art is no different.

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As he wants the audience to take energy from his works, he takes his creative energy from nature, life, movement, observing people, animals, dancing, running, fighting and making love. He harnesses its purity, strength and dynamism and uses it to form his sculptures. By doing this he conceives a subtle balance between positivity and negativity, forming a circle of energy, contrasting the beauty of life on earth with the destruction and sadness occurring in some parts of the world, resulting in this harmonious balance. Gauvrit eventually wants to supply the viewer with a message of hope and positivity, thus contributing to the creation of a better tomorrow.

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