Rogier van 't Slot

The artworks of Rogier van ’t Slot arise from an interest for the social tensions between order and disorder, between legal and illegal and between inside and outside the lines. Rogier plays with his own struggles, struggles like those of so many others. By analyzing others, he explores reflection-reflex-dualities.

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The main aspect is personal space, the boundaries and choices within that aspect. Balancing between those boundaries. The Dionysian and Apollonian strings connect the artwork, pull and demand.

A u s e i n a n d e r s e t z u n g with the environment and the individual. A quest…

The lens captures a connection between people and their duality. The wish is at ease! besides this he explores the theme of loneliness, which he captures in the recognizable grey light of the Dutch Masters. It is often magical realistic and melancholic, characterized by Kafkaesque interpretation of returning themes alienation and loneliness.

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