Patrick Bergsma

Patrick Bergsma creates highly detailed landscape sculptures that seem to float in space. With most of the sculptures bonsai trees are the foundation of his mysterious and playful tableaux.

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The sculptures of Patrick Bergsma aren’t your childhood’s tree houses. Though they embody the whimsical architecture that a child might dream up, they also feature urban decay; rusted cars, broken down buildings and overgrown houses in disrepair. The trees seem to spring forward, like next-generation dwellings that have survived a nuclear apocalypse.

Bergsma’s sculptures also play with physics; often featuring an inverted house underneath the roots of a large, gnarled tree. The barren branches loom over tiny figures that sit beneath them. In a way, the trees almost seem to depict a life that an urban dweller might hope for: A simpler life in the outdoors, free from worrying about busted pipes or rent or the other responsibilities of caring for a permanent dwelling.

There’s a peacefulness to Bergsma’s work. It asks us to imagine ourselves somewhere else and shows us that, even when we’re watering the lawn, we’re still a part of nature.

Text by Stephanie Chan in Beautiful Decay

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