Jan Stel

Jan Stel (Purmerend, the nederlands,1970) started realistic drawing and to illustrate at a young age. He experiment calligraphy, and was a pioneer graffiti murals and made  oil-painting inspired by the old masters of yore. Stel is always committed to creative processes and has worked with many art materials. He followed courses in old darkroom and printing techniques in Museum “Huis van Marseille”

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Jan Stel is known for having a sharp eye in identify subtleties in composition, details and tone, the use of sight lines, vanishing points, perceptive and overall composition. Stel pays close attention for the right moment to capture the magic play of light and shadow. He believes that the integrity if his shots is found in the pure and intriguing richness of the natural light.

In 2019 Jan Stel started his new series “Industrial Landscape”. He works only in black and white. There is an increasing awareness that the global industry needs to be transformed into a natural non-destructive production process to preserve our beautiful earth for our future generations.

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