Christiaan Lieverse

Christiaan Lieverse was born in Utrecht in 1971. As a child he developed a love for drawing and painting, partially being inspired by his father who is an artist as well. Initially Lieverse chooses not to become an artist like his father, but rather treated painting as a hobby. This changed when more and more interest was shown in his work, deciding to become an artist after all.

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The work Lieverse produces is about the world today. It discusses how identity and diversity is influenced by globalisation, cultural identities, migration, virtual social identities, bioethics and malleability. He merges both beauty and imperfection, therefore creating a new perspective that generates a new found curiosity, inviting the viewer to rethink their preconceived beliefs regarding the current state of society.

Lieverse realizes his art through the use of unconventional materials. He has created works on cowhide, asphalt roofing or hand-knotted rugs. This seeming background component functions as an integral layer within the paintings. It becomes part of the story, for instance the knotted patterns of the rug functioning as facial tattoos, emphasizing the concept behind the paintings, reflecting on cultural intertwinement and cultural identities.

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