/ Katarina Juričić


Katarina Juričić (1994, Croatia) is an artist and researcher on photography, seeking for new forms to embody photography and explore its physicality. She designs envi­ronments in which immaterial substances of light and color gain their physical prop­erties and evoke a familiar experience.

We see, think and live in images. And more often than not, images we encounter are digital and therefore immaterial, yet we accept them as real. Taking this paradox as a starting point for her work, Juričić studies the potential of photography to visualize the equally intangible, but more mysterious concept of human memory.

In the time when we engage with the world from the surface of our screens which in turn simplifies and dematerliaizes our experience of the world, Juričić’s work follows the desire to re-establish an emotional and physical connection to the environment. The final form of the work are installations in which light, colors, materials and motifs from the photographic work expand into the space and create a living image.


“Staring at the Sun and the Sea. The scenery is magical and I feel relieved. The light and the colors nurture my eyes, and the images remain in my mind. Infinite combi­nations of Orange and Blue, compressed in a memory where reality merges with fantasy.”

In ‘Orange&Blue’, a photographic series which takes the final form as a site-specific installation, I recall a very familiar yet sublime experience of Sunrise and Sunset.

Scenes such as the first sunray of the day or the sunset behind the horizon, are both emotionally and visually profound. As such, they provoke an intuitive reaction to be documented. This results in an overflow of similar photographs in which the mag­ic of the sublime experience is reduced to an immaterial reproduction of “already seen”.

By taking the iconic imagery of sunrises and sunsets which our memory is load­ed with as a reference, I strive to recreate the full range of sunlight colors which we experience throughout the day. Orange and blue light serves as a tool to come as close as possible to the feeling one has when being in the sun and soaking its warmth and color. Throughout the process of re-imagining the iconic imagery, figura­tion reaches abstraction and all that’s left in the image are light, form and color - ultimately the constitutive elements of any photograph.