/ Jan Stel


Jan Stel (Purmerend, The Netherlands, 1970) started realistic drawing and illustration at a young age. He too experimented with traditional calligraphy. Stel pioneered with full color and realistic graffiti murals using no outlines and allowing the colors to blend into each other in airbrush-like way. He also made oil-paintings inspired by the old masters of yore. This is where his style of photography originated. He transformed his expression of realism  into his own unique photographic style. Stel has always been committed to his creative processes having experimented with many different artistic expressions, although photography became his core essence.

Jan Stel is known for having a sharp eye. He has a talent for identifying subtleties in composition, details and tone, the use of sight lines, vanishing points and perspective. Stel awaits patiently for the right moment to capture the magic play of light and shadow. He believes that the integrity of his shots is found in the pure and intriguing richness of natural light.

“Just before sunrise and sunset, the light is at its most beautiful. There is something magical about this short period of time. The cinematic feeling of industrial locations is what I capture. Their natural surroundings is where my eyes focus on. Photography for me is about capturing the magic moments of light, shadow and emotions." - Jan Stel"

Serie Industrial Landscape