/ Sacha Goldberger


Sacha Goldberger navigates through time with costumes and historical sets. After working for many years as an artistic director in advertising, Goldberger in 2008 decided to go back to the photography school the Gobelins. He garnered acclaim within France after the release of his series on his grandmother ‘Mamika’. It could be stated that after this series he truly began his career as a photographer. His talent is further revealed with his Super Flemish series, a renaissance interpretation of popular superheroes.

Goldberger wants the viewer to imagine what happened little before, or just after, the image is captured. He loves to travel through time, travel in space, talk about love, tell stories and invent things through his work. Every project is a different adventure, nothing is alike and yet everything is linked.

For 10 years, he has been producing and directing his series, worthy of cinematographic productions. For each series, he works with a team between 50 and 150 people. The ‘Secret Eden’ series, for example, required the collaboration of over 130 people over a period of 3 years and resulted in the creation of 17 diptychs and 50 portraits of different eras. When you are familiar with his work you know that ach of his projects is bound to result in a series of powerful photographs.

Serie LOUIS 114