/ Rogier van 't Slot


Rogier van ‘t Slot’s is a photographer from Amsterdam who graduated from the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2015. His artworks arise from a deep seeded interest in the social tension between order and disorder, between legal and illegal, between inside and outside the lines. Van t’ Slot through these subject matters dives into his own struggles, exploring this sense of reflection, reflex and duality.

Throughout van t ’Slot’s interpretation of these societal aspects a common denominator appears. This commonality consists of personal space and the boundaries and choices that occur when attempting to achieve the aforementioned.

Hiding behind the lens of the camera gives him the freedom to explore these dilemma’s. His lens captures the fine line between various features of a person. He often photographs his subjects in the recognizable lighting of the Dutch masters, giving it a magically realistic and melancholic atmosphere.

The photographs feature fictitious persona’s that often do not differ from the visual language of the narrator, or in this case the photographer. This generates a dreamlike atmosphere, that partially is created through the intertwining of the rational and the irrational.  It seems to compel the audience to view the photographed scenario from the main characters perspective, but at the same time senses that things are different than they seem to be at first sight.