/ 25 years of photo works / Ruud van Empel

19 May - 18 July 2020 (new dates) Hangar displays twenty-five years of creation through the most striking and beautiful images of Ruud van Empel’s career in collaboration with Project 2.0 / Gallery.

Exhibition/ The exhibition, on a museum scale, brings together more than 90 emblematic photographic works by Ruud van Empel. Twenty-five years of creation are presented through the most striking and beautiful images of his career, some of them iconic. The exhibition will gather enigmatic portraits, lush nature, and early works. As a pioneer in digital construction, Ruud van Empel presents for the first time an exhibition of such a large scale. During three months, the entire career of the artist will be displayed in one place. The exhibition aims to discover or re-discover an accomplished and extraordinary work. The show will allow the public to observe the evolution of Ruud van Empel’s work over his life, particularly concerning the mentalities and the technological developments in photography. Hangar proudly welcomes this globally acclaimed photographer with whom it has build a close professional relationship.

Ruud van Empel has already exhibited in Hangar twice: In 2017, as part of the second edition of PhotoBrussels Festival, and in 2018 with a solo show in Hangar front space (street front). The exhibition will be divided into three main themes: Nature, with 25 large unpublished photographs (ground floor), Portrait, with a selection of 30 photographs from the past ten years (first floor) and the Early works, with 15 small photographs from his beginnings, and a video screening (second floor).

Ruud van Empel is born in 1958 in Breda. He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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25 years of photo works / Ruud van Empel