/ New Artist: Sebastiaan Knot

Coming Soon December 2022

Sebastiaan Knot (NL 1970) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam - the Netherlands who uses light as his material to create contrasts of color and form with which the given space is beautified. After a diverse career as a photographer, graphic and web designer he went on to establish his own photography studio which he still runs successfully for 20 plus years.

In recent years his work has shifted from commercial clients and commissioned assignments to fine art. Notable exhibition has been with the Fondation Vasarely where his work was shown in a show with Victor Vasarely and 15 other artists. He sells work both internationally and in the Netherlands. His work are in the collection of the Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam and in private collections. 

A composition of simple shapes is placed in the studio. Around the composition are studio lamps with different color filters. When shooting, the composition is illuminated simultaneously by all lamps. This creates a shot in which a unique moment is captured with scattered light, shadows and mixed colors. The use of a lens adds optical illusion and questions what you see. There is no digital manipulation of the image. The works are unique or in limited editions.

See and read his publication at Aesthetica: https://aestheticamagazine.com/vibrant-abstractions/


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New Artist: Sebastiaan Knot