/ Songs of the Walés / Patrick Willocq

19 May - 18 July 2020 (new dates) Patrick Willocq presents, at Hangar, the community art project “Songs of the Walés”, with some photos never showed in Belgium before.

This one is the result of a unique collaboration with young pygmy women, their respective clans, an ethnomusicologist, and many artisans of the forest (hunters, farmers and fishermen) that became talented creators of all types during the project. Assisted by Dido Lusamba Ntambwe, a Kinshasa-based artist, Patrick Willocq builds his staged photographs in the middle of the bush, without any photomontage or collage. He seeks the best way to tell a story, dear to the young mothers, themselves turned actresses, seeking their participation, listening to them, creating a decor with them, by staging their lives and their desires, doing castings with them. The décors, the colors, the characters, everything is planned. This spring, the walls of hangar front space will be enhanced by the photos of these grandiose scenes.

Patrick Willocq was born in 1969 in Strasbourg. Lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Project 2.0 / Gallery


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Songs of the Walés / Patrick Willocq