Laurien Renckens

Her geometric abstract work, constructed from blocks and lines of colors, is rooted in the tradition of Mark Rothko, Piet Mondriaan en Barnett Newman. "you have to surpass a threshold" according to the artist.

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Laurien Renckens (1966)  lives and works in Nijmegen. The minimalism of Renckens' art is addictive. Especially the works that have been partially sealed off by tape. You might interpret this as work-in-progress, but to Renckens this is an intentional effort. To her, tape is as important and meaningful as the paint itself. She builds up the wooden panels in layers with acrylic and tape. Then after careful consideration and examination she decides if she can omit or add something. Although it seems to be figured out, the unexpected plays an important role in her work, "My work is now getting more and more transparent. It is an exploration of the unknown and through which I eventually experience a sense of perfection".

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