Kunstkoop at Project 2.0 / Gallery

Galerie Project 2.0 is partner to the KunstKoop project of the Mondriaan Fund. This means it is possible to acquire works from our gallery through a subsidized, interest-free loan.

The Mondriaan Fund believes a thriving commercial art market forms an essential source of income for artists and is testament to the engagement of individuals and society as a whole with the fine arts. In order to stimulate the private market for high quality art, the Mondriaan Fund offers an arrangement called KunstKoop.

KunstKoop allows individuals to purchase works of art paid in interest-free installments. If you enter into a loan through KunstKoop, you do not need to pay the entire amount at once while the Mondriaan Fund will cover the complete interest for your loan. This means 100% art against 0% interest. Since 1997, more than 43,000 art lovers have used this arrangement to purchase works of art worth over 134 million euro.

These are the main characteristics of the KunstKoop arrangement:

  • Valid for artworks with a minimum price of € 450 (for CJP € 150), made after 1945 by artists who are alive today.
  • The maximum loan is € 7,500 per art work. Any additional cost should be covered directly by the buyer.
  • The down payment should be no less than 10% of the total price, with a maximum of € 450. For works priced higher than € 7,450 higher down payments apply.
  • The term of the loan can be no longer than three years. Early repayments are possible at no extra cost.
  • The minimal monthly installment is € 22.50.
  • ABN AMRO bank is the sole arbiter determining if a loan can be granted. Part of the procedure is a credit check at the Dutch Bureau Kredietregistratie (BKR) in Tiel.
  • Works produced in a circulation higher than one, such as serigraphs and lithographs, must meet certain requirements. Project 2.0 / Gallery can inform you about the specifics.
  • This arrangement is only available for individuals in the age range of 18 to 75. There can be no exceptions to this rule.

Please visit our gallery or contact us by phone or mail if you have any addition questions about the KunstKoop arrangement. Mondriaan Fonds.