16 Jun 2024 / 14 Jul 2024

The Summer exhibition invites visitors immerse in a vibrant fusion of artistic visions as four distinct artists – Thomas Klein Horsman, Manon Hertog, David Hummelen, and Lisanne Hoogerwerf – converge in an extraordinary group exhibition. Each artist, drawing from their unique perspectives and techniques, invites you to explore their captivating interpretations of the world. 

Thomas Klein Horsman's abstract wall sculptures, crafted from mdf panels and a rich variety of plywoods, offer a dynamic energy through their interplay of complementary colors and bold shapes. 

Meanwhile, Lisanne Hoogerwerf's artworks transport you to dreamlike landscapes, where real materials like wood, sand, and glue are meticulously assembled to conjure scenes that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination.

David Hummelen's photography investigates the visual properties of transparent and translucent materials such as wax, plastics, water, gelatin and glass. He processes and models these materials in different forms and combines them into compositions.  And his new work - dynamic art objects - mesmerize with their uniqueness. 

Through the lens of her cameras Manon Hertog orchestrates light and explores the ethereal beauty of blurryness and transparency. Her cameras capture the ephemeral essence of volatile materials like smoke and diluted colors, manipulating scale to unveil a new dimension of space and reality.

Experience the boundless creativity and vibrant colors of the Summer exhibition.

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Thomas Klein Horsman

Lisanne Hoogerwerf

David Hummelen

Manon Hertog