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27 Aug 2021 / 17 Oct 2021


Dawn, the glory of beginning
When there’s no end in sight it’s better to focus on beginning.
During the proces of painting I begin and I stop.
I begin and begin again,
and again,
and then one day, a chain of glorious beginnings has brought my painting to an end.

-Linda Overzee, 2021

Linda Overzee's paintings participate in the age-old tradition of fresco murals, spanning continents and millennia. Made with the very same materials such as pure pigments and lime. However, they are not frescoes in the original sense, if only because her paintings are made on canvas or panels and not directly on a wall. It is her modern interpretation of this ancient technique.

She embraces coincidence, imperfection and irregularity in her work. Her frescoes are composed of countless layers. By inducing ‘craquelé’, oxidation and erosion, lower layers emerge and blend with the upper layers. The materials, aesthetics and apparent simplicity, are always much more complex on closer examination. The result can be seen as a mirror of ourselves, shaped by the circumstances along the way, a metaphor for the layer upon layer construction of our lives.

Meet the artist on Thursday evening September 2nd & Sunday October 10th in Project 2.0 / Gallery. You can reserve your ticket via Eventbrite, please 1 ticket per visitor. Would you rather come and see the exhibition on another day? No problem, we are open every day only on Monday and Tuesday by appointment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Tickets Meet&Greet

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