/ Meet & Greet Linda Overzee

2 Jul 2023 / 2 Jul 2023

During The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend, you are more than welcome to join us during our Meet & Greet with Linda Overzee. Here you can enjoy her most recent works, while enjoying  some drinks and bites.

The paintings created by Linda Overzee participate in the age-old tradition of fresco mural painting. They are crafted using the very same materials as their ancient predecessors: pure pigments and lime. However, what sets these artworks apart is their portability and the subjects they explore, going beyond the explicit. These frescoes are composed of a of myriad layers, intricately designed to evoke a sense of depth and complexity.
Through deliberate techniques like 'craquelure,' oxidation, and erosion, the underlying sections gradually emerge, blending harmoniously with the upper layers. Linda wholeheartedly embraces happenstance, imperfection, and irregularity in her work. Rather than seeking perfection, she finds beauty in the unpredictability and the organic flow of the creative process.

Please join us during this festive weekend celebrating the contemporary art scene in The Hague !

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