Patrick Willocq

Self-taught photographer Patrick Willocq hs lived and worked in diverese cities around the world such as Kinshasa, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris for over 34 years. In 2012, following a trip back to the Democratic Republic of Congo (where he grew up), Willocq decides to devote himself completely to photography.

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His artistic work is about documenting the world we live in through carefully composed performative images in collaboration with local communities, thereby offering a different image of the world, which goes beyond the perspective the media tends to focus on. In his several series in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he takes his images far from the usual hackneyed and clichéd depiction of the country and brings a fresh interpretation of Africa. 

In his latest series "The Art of Survival", the images depict the experiences, fears and hopes of refugee children through an innovative theatrical treatment, bringing a fresh approach to humanitarian story telling. He builds all his sets in the middle of the bush or camps, mostly with materials found locally. He does not use Photoshop montage or collage, and chooses to involve the communities he works with, co-creating visual representations of their own stories.

He uses all his personal life experiences to express his inner world, a world in which he persists in wanting to show the vitality of a happy humanity, but also a world where imagination transforms the harsh conditions of reality. All this to achieve the goal of his artistic journey: self-discovery.

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Serie The Untouchables