Maayke Schuitema

Maayke Schuitema (1974) is a Dutch artist who lives and works in The Netherlands. She has studied ballet at the Royal Conservatory The Hague and fine arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague. Schuitema draws and paints and is mostly known for her large scale lino cuts on paper or canvas. In 2014 she even made the largest lino-print made by one artist called ‘The Tenth Muse’.

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The main theme in Schuitema’s work is the strong woman in all her glory. She portrays these women as conscious and independent, depicted in their capacity as wife, mother or daughter, but also as vixen, queen or enchantress. These portrayals of the women will be reintroduced in the title of the artworks, who at times refer to mythical figures.

Schuitema’s artistic genre can be seen as a biographical oeuvre. The artworks reflect the delicate balance between private and public, where you can detect Schuitema’s own journey as the daughter of a bipolar mother, her own motherhood, her position as a female artist, her role as partner and her involvement in the feminist movement.

Her artistic practice at the moment is more direct than ever. In her recent work she takes inspiration from black and white photography and poster art. By utilizing both black and white photography and poster art as inspiration she invokes a sense of propaganda and encourages reflection. The women portrayed in graphic black lines instantly make an impression.

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