Artist: Maayke Schuitema


Box2021 – Save the planet Prijs : € 550,- Part of the content is still a surprise! 6 different works of art, edition of 100 The box measures approximately 54 x 40 cm and the works are printed on specially selected handmade paper. Separately numbered and signed. Maayke makes a lot of work that is based on current events. For the second year Maayke has put together a “collector’s box” especially for all her collectors. The Box2021 contains 6 different works of art that you can keep in the Box itself, but you can also hang them separately on the wall. All works are inspired by important themes of the past year. Together, the works read like a concise annual overview. Collectors who order “BOX2021” are the first to be eligible to order “BOX2022” next year and will receive an equally numbered copy. Box2021 will be delivered before Christmas.


Dimensions (W x H x D):
40 x 54

Gemengde techniek

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