Linda Overzee

Pure pigments and chalk are the elements Linda Overzee uses to create her fresco’s on linen. A unique process with striking results.

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The frescoes are part of an age-old tradition. In Europe we know this from the Greek and Roman times. Similar techniques have been used throughout the centuries, from India to Latin America.

The frescoes from Overzee are made with traditional materials such as chalk and pure pigments. However, they are not frescoes in the original sense, if only because they are executed on canvas and not directly on a wall. It is a contemporary interpretation.

The work is abstract and very labor-intensive, built up from numerous layers, where coincidence, imperfection and irregularity are cherished. Through 'crackle', oxidation and erosion, underlying sections appear that blend with the upper layers.

The final result sometimes has an impressionistic character. It can be seen as a mirror of our lives, layer-on-layer formed by events along the way, but above all leaves room for the viewer to add meaning with his own imagination.

Market position and development

In 2009 Linda Overzee made her debut with a solo exhibition at Project 2.0 / Gallery. Since then, her work has been adopted in many homes, offices and public buildings in The Netherlands and abroad.

Materials, aesthetics and apparent simplicity, which on closer examination always turns out to be much more complex, are central to Linda Overzee's work. It is her goal to remain faithful to her language, to broaden and enrich, and with success. Over the years new developments can always be discovered, the work continues to surprise.

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