/ Solo Paul Smulders

29 Oct 2023 / 26 Nov 2023

On Sunday October 29 we open the Solo exhibition Current Whereabouts by Paul Smulders. You are very welcome between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to celebrate this new series. Paul Smulders will also be present to talk about his work.

The expressive work of Paul Smulders occupies the middle ground between abstraction and figurative in its response to the natural world.His self-reflective painting technique uses the process of paint- ing itself to capture the essence of nature, through examination of the essential components of landscape and colour. The behaviour of the materials he uses during the creation of his paintings seems to reflect images seen in the natural world; however, the paintings do not intend to give the impression of being a perfect reflection of nature itself. Smulders lets the various materials mix freely and unpredictably, as they do in nature itself. There is certainly a suggestion of representation in his paintings, but that plays out on a level below the surface of the painting. Paul Smulders wants the image to become paint and the paint to become the image. His latest series “Current Whereabouts” continues and deepens his study of the natural world.

Paul Smulders' solo exhibition can be seen until November 26.

On Sunday 26 November, Paul Smulders will give a lecture about his artistry.
Please register for this event. We have room for 20 people.

Sunday 26 November 14h00

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