/ Visit Project 2.0 / Gallery during KunstRAI Amsterdam 2021!

8 Sep 2021 / 12 Sep 2021

During KunstRAI 2021, Project 2.0 / Gallery is proud to present the beautiful solo 'Under the Skin' by the artist Robbert Fortgens.

“My agenda is empty, what a luxury! The lockdown was a blessing for me: no travelling to Germany, France, Spain, Antwerp or Amsterdam. Just me on my own in my studio. Focus!

Painting perpetually without any distractions, I feel very privileged. I have spent the last period painting day and night. Extremely driven, so relaxed but physically demanding too. I have experienced the positive side of the lockdown; The time for an evolution in my work, a step towards a big change.” - Robbert Fortgens

You can book an entrance ticket without a time slot via www.kunstrai.nl. Your invitation code for the fair is: PROJECT20KUNSTRAI2021

Wed  8 September    16h00 – 21h00  (VIP opening)
Thu   9 September    12h00 – 21h00 
Fri    10 September   12h00 – 21h00 
Sat   11 September   11h00 – 18h00 
Sun  12 September   11h00 – 18h00 

If you have any questions about the tickets, measures or other matters, please feel free to contact us.

PDF Pricelist Robbert Fortgens - KunstRAI 2021

PDF solo ‘Under the Skin’ KunstRAI

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