/ North Sea Jazz 2022

7 Jul 2022 / 10 Jul 2022

During North Sea Jazz 2022, Project 2.0 / Gallery is proud to present a selection of artworks from the beautiful series 'I BeKoZ You, Act 1: the confinement of life-giving stars' by the artist Boomo Bialé & The Walés A.K.A. Patrick Willocq and a selection of Denis Rouvre's LAMB series. 

I BeKoZ YoU is the brainchild of Boomo Bialé & The Walés, an artistic collaboration between French humanist photographer Patrick Willocq and young first-time mothers, The Walés, identifying as Ekonda Batwa, an indigenous people of DR Congo.

Denis Rouvre has photographed the strong bodies, the tense perpetually defiant faces of the wrestling apprentices of suburbs of Dakar. See all photos of his series ‘LAMB’ on our website. 

Next to these two known and great artists Bob Smit curated a group show 'Female Power' where our female artist Jacqueline Bozon, Mariëtte van der Ven and Linda Overzee will be on show. 

We hope to see you during this very vibrant and wonderful festive weekend! 

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