20 April 2024 / 20 April 2024

Sebastiaan Knot's solo exhibition 'of photons and wavelengths: luminous encounters' opened last Saturday, April 20.

Sebastiaan Knot (NL, 1970) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. His work is a dialogue between light and space; he uses light as a material to create color and shape contrasts that embellish the given space.

''My work is a dialogue between light and space. I act as the moderator and determine where the light enters that space. After that they collide and argue but always come to a conclusion and understanding. They both need each other to bee seen. As the painter Seurat said: “We do not see reality, but we see what light gives back to us of reality”After a diverse career as a photographer, graphic and webdesigner he went on to establish his own photography studio which he still runs successfully for 20 plus years. In recent years his work has shifted from commercial clients and commissioned assignments to fine art.

The exhibition can be visited until Sunday, May 26, and will conclude with a Q&A.
On May 26th, we will delve deeper into Sebastian Knot's work through a conversation with the artist moderated
by Project 2.0 / Gallery, reserve your spot here.

Q&A Sebastiaan Knot
Sunday 26 May, 3PM
Noordeinde 57, The Hague

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Sebastiaan Knot