/ SANJA MARUŠIĆ at Nederlands Fotomuseum

18 Feb 2023 / 18 Jun 2023

With her brightly colored landscape portraits, the Dutch-Croatian artist Sanja Marušić (1991) draws everyone's attention. They are representations of underlying themes in the life of a young woman. In 2021, the Nederlands Fotomuseum purchased the series Flowers in December (2015-16), one work of which is on permanent display in the Gallery of Honor of Dutch Photography. From 18 February, the museum in Rotterdam will show the first solo exhibition of this versatile visual artist.

The exhibition not only shows Sanja Marušić' photos, but also videos, sketches, costumes and props that she used to create the images. A visit to OUT OF THIS WORLD is a journey through sets and soundscapes that stimulates all senses.

Vast, desolate landscapes, vibrant colours: Sanja Marušić creates new worlds with her images. She travels to the corners of the world for this, but also easily uses her living room as a backdrop. Photography is always her starting point. She is guided by a love for experimenting with shapes, colors and layers. She then uses a variety of analog and digital techniques. The image is therefore sometimes changed in such a way that it looks like you are looking at a painting. For Sanja, the performances, the creation of a set, the handmade props and post-processing are just as important as the photo itself.

Pictures: Stijn Poelstra

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