17 Dec 2022 / 8 Jan 2023

Sebastiaan Knot (NL 1970) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. His work is a dialogue between light and space; he uses light as the material to create contrasts of color and form with which the given space is beautified.
Knot acts as the moderator of where the light enters that space. After they collide and argue, there is always a conclusion and understanding. They both need each other to be seen. As the painter Seurat said: “We do not see reality, but we see what light gives back to us of reality”
Together with Knot, we created a new way of presenting his work. With great care we have chosen a finish and frame that does not detract from the vibrant image but, on the other hand, also protects these unique works.
We are extremely excited to present to you our newest artist. Let him explain his interesting way of working and see the beautiful result during the Meet & Greet Saturday 17 December from 15h00 - 18h00.

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