13 Jan 2019 / 10 Feb 2019
Artist: Rogier van 't Slot


From January 13 2019 you can visit the solo exhibition UPROOT by photographer Rogier van 't Slot at Project 2.0 / Gallery. It will be a spectacular New Year's exhibition! 

As a photographer Rogier van ‘t Slot plays with his own struggles, as many have. His works arise from an interest in the social tension between order and disorder, permitted and unauthorized, and within and outside the lines.

In his work he shows the results of his research on reflection, reflexivity, and duality. The red line is the personal space, the framework and the choices within it. He balances, as it were, on the boundaries of this framework. The dichotomy of Dionysian and Apollonian is invoked to string the work together, to connect, draw and demand.

The lens establishes a connection, between people and their duality, in the very recognizable grey light of the Dutch masters. His work is magically realistic and melancholic, characterized by a Kafkaesque interpretation of the recurring themes of alienation and loneliness. Transcending this,
the work of Rogier van ‘t Slot goes beyond and seems to characterize an ominous atmosphere in which the bureaucracy and impersonality of society gains more and more control over the individual. A powerful metaphor, as it seems, for the extremely mysterious ambiguity of the uprooted man in modern times.