8 Sep 2019 / 6 Oct 2019
Artist: Danielle van Zadelhoff


From Sunday, September 8, 2019, Project 2.0 / Gallery presents the world premiere of Daniëlle van Zadelhoff’s exhibition “Perfection…” with works of art from her series ‘Prayers and Madonna’s’ that have never been showcased before.

What happens if we want to change into angels? This is one of the questions that led to the series of works. Inspired by the manufacturability of life and developments in the manipulation of DNA, Daniëlle grapples with questions of our very existence. Do we take the place of the all-knowing?

Are we good enough as we are and is there still room for imperfection?

With the Prayers series, Daniëlle provides knowledge about genetic material by placing a strand of hair behind the glass of the frame. In addition, ethical questions regarding DNA manipulation and perfection are portrayed by Daniëlle in the theme of the Madonna with Child: the ultimate mother, the bridge between present and past, and the symbol of immortality.