December Exhibition

15 Dec 2018 / 12 Jan 2019

December Expositie

From December 15th Project 2.0 / Gallery presents a beautiful December Exhibition during the cold and dark days of the year. During this group exhibition various new works by the following artists will be presented:

Eric Hirdes creates abstract paintings that are made up of shape, line, colour and structure. However the artworks show seemingly recognizable elements, they are not figurative nor do they refer to the reality. Instead, they are created in an intuitive way. The paintings often originate in series where one canvas leads to the following.

From Jacqueline Bozon we present new artworks in this exhibition! Bozon uses all her experiences and converts them into a colourful game of lines. Colour is her language, a universal language which can be easily understood, but also one that has multiple translations. By making the effort to open up to all the layers of the artwork, it will expose itself to the viewer.

Artist Mariëtte van der Ven makes poetry in spatial form through porcelain. As a poet seeks for new combinations of words, Mariëtte looks for existing forms and rearranges them until the forms show what they want to tell us. To be seen in silence and to feel in silence.

“Pure white and immaculate

With a skin of porcelain thought

You could be damaged by anything

That new would never grow old

That purity would remain your best I.

Life was blown into you

Painted character on your skin

Signed scars on your soul

A new beauty is born

and gives the world colour.”

You are most welcome to visit the December Exposition at Project 2.0 / Gallery!