26 May 2019 / 23 Jun 2019
Artist: Tom D Jones


In Greek mythology, the god 'Aether' was ruler of the atmosphere, the privileged user of the higher light blue pure air layers.

We mortals are always looking for it, but we are condemned to inhale the most polluted lower air layer of the atmosphere. Is pure air increasingly becoming a privilege for the most deserted places on earth? Tom D. Jones found this Utopia on the beaches of the North Sea. The alchemy of light and air, wind and water led to impressive images with a surreal colour scheme, pure poetry.

The photos were taken with the very latest Hasselblad medium format cameras that have the exceptional quality to display an immense color depth and detail, which was recently impossible.

In recent years, Tom D. Jones’ fine art photography has won a great many awards in large international competitions. Yet, the most striking one is the Hasselblad Master Award 2012. Worldwide this biennial exclusive photo happening stands for creativity, art and craftsmanship. Consequently, Tom D. Jones is the very first Belgian Hasselblad Master to join a list with famous names such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, Howard Shatz... etc. His work is characterised by clean compositions, light and depth, reflecting mainly infinite serenity and simplicity.