25 years of photo works / Ruud van Empel

Artist: Kunstboeken


The book traces the exceptional career of Ruud van Empel, a pioneer in digital construction. Van Empel reveals an ability to capture the delicacy of the world through his works: editing and composing, from patiently collected and selected photographs he took himself. Ruud van Empel plays with our perception of reality and timeless, showing realistic but undoubtedly utopian portraits and landscapes. With nearly 400 images that include photo sketches, enigmatic portraits, and lush nature, the volume leads us through 25 years of photo works. The publication reveals the complexity of Ruud van Empel’s work and the context in which each of the series was created. Texts: Christian Caujolle, Delphine Dumont, Alex de Vries and Kees Verbeek. Hangar Photo Art Center Publisher English 29.4 x 24 cm 168 pages 2020


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24 x 29.4

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