Rachel Nieborg

Rachel Nieborg calls her modern, dynamic still lifes ‘action stills’, because of the new life she literally blows into the classic still life.

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Rachel Nieborg was born in Loosdrecht, but now lives and works in Amsterdam. She started her career in textiles. In 2002 she changed to photography and in 2006 she graduated cum laude at the Photography Academy in Amsterdam. Over the years she has had several exhibitions as well as contributed to different art fairs. She has been invited by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust/USA, in collaboration with Dutch Art Events, to exhibit in Pittsburgh during the ‘Distinctively Dutch Festival’.

The ‘Girls & Guns’ series are photographic works inspired by the still lifes of the seventeenth century. It is a tribute to the Dutch Masters of the Golden Age. In the carefully constructed setting of the still life objects in the  composition are being shot with a rifle. This is done by using a metronome to measure the time precision of the distance from the gun to the object. The classic still lives that are being shot are mysterious and sometimes threatening works that give the reality an alienating character.

The photographs are deliberately modified to preserve the raw beauty of the still lifes and catch the tension between stillness and movement, purity and violence. The artworks are made in collaboration with product designer Ine Mulder (De Schutter).

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