Saturday February 17th - Noordeinde Nocturne

Zaterdagavond 17 februari - Noordeinde Nocturne

This Saturday evening, February 17th, the 12th edition of the Noordeinde Nocturne Event will take place! During this romantic evening you can enjoy the music of 20 concerts on unique places throughout the Noordeinde. The ensembles are composed of members of the Residential Orchestra and the Royal Conservatory.

The evening will start at 17.00 o'clock in the Waalse Kerk (Noordeinde 25) where the Hofstad Youth Orchestra will performe an opening concert. Afterwards you can enjoy a Nocturne Menu in one of the many restaurants located in the Noordeinde. 

At Project 2.0 / Gallery you can enjoy concerts amitst beautiful artworks. At 19.00 o'clock there will be a concert of the Kegestatt Trio with piano, clarinet and alto and at 21.00 o'clock there will be a concert of Sonate For Flute & Piano with Martine van der Loo and Mariken Zandvliet.

The Residential Orchestra will close the evening at 22.00 o'clock with a spectacular concert in the Waalse Kerk. You can pick up a folder with the complete program in the gallery. 

We hope to see you this Saturday evening at Project 2.0 / Gallery!

14 Feb 2018